ICMTIt’s a nonprofit research center distinguished internationally for its academic excellence. It has the COLCIENCIAS recognition as Grupo A1 “Institute of Excellence on Research” for its excellence in research and development.

It was founded in 1989 as a mixed corporation managed by CES University in association with the Government of The Department of Antioquia for social and public interests.

The institute has its headquarters in Sabaneta inside the university campus at the southern area of the city and has joint activities with another facility in Apartado Antioquia.

The institute manufactures reactive and biologics for the diagnosis of infectious diseases, and also offers the next services:

• Vaccination
• General and specialized microbiology clinical Laboratory
• Clinical Veterinary Laboratory
• Diagnosis and Treatment for Tropical Diseases: Malaria, Leishmania and Chagas Disease mainly.
• Investigation in all tropical medicine areas.
• Investigation in molecular biology.