CES CardiologiaIt is a set of experts working as a "group,"   in order to share health knowledge from the values and preferences of patients to skilled clinical experience. (This model of working as a group is unique in Colombia).

Our doctors monitors their patients, each specialist works exclusively in his area, and examinations are interpreted by the corresponding sub-specialist.
Our mission, as a scientific group, is to generate knowledge at the service of cardiology and transform it into learning and medical care of the highest quality and efficiency to future patients.

Services offered:

Noninvasive Cardiology:

•  Echocardiography
•  Electrocardiograms
•  Blood Pressure Monitoring
•  Holter Monitoring Satellite
•  Stress Test
•  Tilt Test and Autonomic Function Studies

Invasive Cardiology:
•  Hemodinámic Interventional Cardiology, and Peripheral Vascular Intervention

•  Electrophysiology, Arrhythmias and Pacemakers
•  Services in Electrophysiology and Neurocardiology