These programs initiated in 1986 by initiative of the directors of clinics and hospitals directors, who perceived the need to have health professionals, with the ability to carry out an integral form of management in their organizations, by means of real management standards. In 1987 the ICFES approved the Hospital management specialization program as a CES-EAFIT agreement, which initiated in 1988.

Since the early 1990s in accordance with the new Social Security legislation in Colombia, CES created a Division which offers Postgraduate Programs in Public Health with an academic content that responds to the current and future needs of the health sector, in order to improve the administrative processes of institutions and health programs, in which more successful decision making is of utmost importance.

Non-Clinical Specializations:

• Specialization in Social Security Management
• Specialization in Management of Safety and Health at Work
• Specialization in Health Auditing
• Specialization in Epidemiology
• Specialization in Public Health Management
• Specialization in Management of Health Service Institutions
• Specialization in Promotion and Health Communication (Virtual)
• Specialization in Corporal Damage Assessment
• Specialization in Disaster Prevention Management
• Specialization in Safety and Health at Work
• Specialization in Management of Social Protection

Master´s degree:

• Master in Quality in Health
• Master in Bioethics
• Master in Substance Dependence
• Master in Health Administration
• Masters in Epidemiology
• Master of Tropical Medicine
• Master of Public Health
• Masters in Information Technology and Communication in Health

Doctorates (PhD)
•  PhD in Health Sciences
•  PhD in Epidemiology and Biostatistics
•  PhD in Public Health

Some of these programs are also offered in other Colombian cities in agreement with local institutions:

Universidad Del Rosario – Bogotá:
Health Auditing, Public Health Management, Management of Safety and Health at Work, Epidemiology, Master in Epidemiology.

Universidad Autonoma – Bucaramanga:
Health Auditing, Management of Social Security.

Universidad Mariana – Pasto:
Health Auditing, Public Health Management, Management of Safety and Health at Work, Master in Epidemiology.
In partnership Master in Health Administration.

ICTM- Apartado:
Health Auditing, Management of Health Services Institutions.