Qualification Awarded: Technologist in Pre-hospital care
Duration: 3 Years (6 semesters)
SNIES Code: 15927
Qualified Registration: Resolution 683 31 January 2013
High quality of accreditation: Resolution 6346 8 June 2012

The objective of the Pre-hospital Care Technology Program is to offer students solid academic knowledge and clinical abilities so they may provide initial emergency care to patients, carry out rescue activities, assist victims in emergency and disaster situations as well as to evacuate and transport them to the appropriate centers. They are also prepared to organize management activities and support in logistics for emergency situations and interact with industries in the prevention, promotion and attention of emergencies.

Study Plan and training Areas:
The academic program consists of six semesters, which are distributed in the following areas:

The purpose of this area is to help students develop the technical knowledge and skills for patient management.

This area focuses on providing students with knowledge about the different types of emergency vehicles as well as communication, salvage and rescue techniques.

Public Health:
This part of the program offers complete coverage of the different health and security systems in the country and the technical knowledge for the control and management of emergency and disaster situations.

This area provides a basic humanistic training that will allow the students to understand and respond to social and individual problems with an open and flexible mind in each case.

Formative Research:
Students learn about the basic concepts and fundamentals of research.

Note: This program is also offered in Bogota Colombia.