Main Objectives:

At CES University the research area is meant to accomplish the following objectives:

- To generate within our community an analytical and investigative culture that allows promoting and demonstrating knowledge oriented towards the development of science, knowledge, techniques and the production and adaptation of technologies in search of solutions to regional and national problems.

- To generate knew knowledge, to validate the one acquired elsewhere and to implement it in the different disciplines in the institution.

- To form students with a rational attitude by familiarizing them with the scientific method on which they must substantiate a permanent critical attitude so they can evaluate and select new knowledge, technologies and techniques to be used in their work place.

Basic Principles:

a) To generate knowledge that contributes to the scientific, technological, academic, cultural, social and economic development of our community at regional and national levels.
b) To promote the implementation of research projects within the specific needs of our faculties.
c) To use teamwork as a strategy for knowledge production and to generate research groups to obtain national and international recognition for their scientific and technological production.
d) To evaluate permanently all investigative activities in order to optimize the use of human and institutional resources.
e) To spread research results through indexed national and international magazines, congresses, publications and specialized forums and also by the teaching activities at graduate and undergraduate level.