The programs of the Institutional welfare are an option to support the integral formation of our community. Taking into account the duties that a university in Colombia should have, we offer activities for the integral formation in Cultural manifestations, exercise and sports and human formation.

Institutional welfare Areas:
•  Human Formation:
The programs contribute to the development of the integral formation in the human dimension of wellbeing.

•  Institutional Support:
In this area the project has a holistic and integral perspective, taking into account the different relationships that are developed in the institution, to reach an environment of interrelation and communication with the different areas and faculties.

•  Socio-Cultural:
Offers different options for social interaction in spaces that assist institutional life and that give recognition to cultural manifestations that are characteristic in our social context.

•  Leisure-Sport:
Promotes leisure and sport related activities with free and spontaneous participation that allows enjoyment, relaxation and development, which helps creativity and contributes towards a better quality of life.