The historical, anthropological, sociological, communicative, political, economic, ethical, psychological, aesthetic, and philosophical view is essential for the full development of the training of the students. To promote this vision is the task to which institutions of higher education must devote committed efforts. The responsibility of the university is to educate qualified professionals in each program and discipline it offers and to train integral, critical citizens so they can contribute to the generation of prosperity and a better quality of life of their surrounding and the ones they interact with.

If specialization in professions is a form of resignation to an open, wide, universal and complete training, and if scientific and humanistic knowledge are sometimes presented as separate, institutions of higher education must make an explicit effort to form on comprehensiveness.

To study anatomy or chemistry is not less humanistic than studying anthropological or ethical issues. What is important is to have room for all the speeches made by human beings, with the same equal importance in university spaces.

Besides professionals, scientists, and researchers, the University has the task and the goal of educating citizens able to understand social phenomena, the interrelationships between humans, and between them and other living beings, and the different environments.

According to what has been mentioned before, and aware that each day it is more urgent and necessary to create spaces where reflection about our numerous social and human problems can be made, the department of humanities offers academic formation courses, seminars, in different areas of social and human sciences, development and integral formation.

This non-formal educational services offer is in sync with the general and specific requirements of different human and entrepreneurial groups, and it can be divided in three different areas which are formed according to the following needs and punctual requirements: number of interested people, possible schedule, and different intensity of hours.

We offer the following proposals through courses, seminars and workshops with the guarantee of having significant theoretical and practical updating in topics and objects of study.

•  Anthropology
•  Communication and language
•  History
•  Politics
•  Sociology
•  Philosophy
•  Literature, art and esthetics
•  Economics
•  Teaching