The office provides an open and dynamic space for alumni from all programs, bringing them together and developing a sense of belonging towards the University, through spaces and opportunities of participation not only in the academic direction but also through the promotion of activities that enhance their personal, professional, and family development.

The University recognizes in its alumni an important element because they represent CES in the professional world; it is them who generate new social and professional spaces, making it very important to motivate their active participation.

The office concentrates its efforts on maintaining permanent contact with its alumni through these means:

Data base: It is very important for CES to know about its alumni, that’s why the office builds and permanently updates the data base, to maintain a close contact through regular and electronic mail, and for it, the office invites the alumni to update their information at http://egresados.ces.edu.co/index.php/actualizacion-de-datos  

Advanced Formation: the alumni constantly obtain information about every faculty regarding specializations, courses, seminars, conferences, among others, to motivate their constant updating.

Alumni Bulletin: in this bulletin we inform our alumni about university news, scholarships, job openings, research awards and technology acquisitions.

Job portal: The office offers an online portal where employers can post their job offers while our alumni can post their Curriculums Vitae to get in touch with the employers.
Participation on institutional decisions: The Office promotes the participation of the alumni in the democratic elections for being part of the maximum representation of the University, where the alumni have one seat, and where the most important institutional decisions take place.

Map of alumni abroad:
With the idea of connecting our alumni around the world, the Alumni office has a map that shows where the alumni are abroad you can check and register in at: http://relacionesinternacionales.ces.edu.co/egresadosp.php