The CEMPAS (Center for Simulated Medical and Paramedical Training) was created in 1998 with the objective of offering simulated medical and paramedical training in order to acquire skills in the management of emergency and disaster situations. The Center offers formal and non-formal education courses to undergraduate and postgraduate students and professionals.

The use of simulators in continuing health education enables to acquire the skills and abilities necessary to deal with these situations, improving technical capacity, the permanence of knowledge and the attitude towards the subject.

The simulation is based on the use of the following resources:

• Visual or acoustic reproductions.
• 3D models.
• Written simulation exercises.
• Simulation by computer.
• Situations simulated with actual people.
• Automated mannequins.


One of the main features that CEMPAS has is an Ambulance Simulator, which is the only one in its nature in Latin America. The objective of this Simulator is to develop and improve paramedical skills such as patient transportation in urban and rural settings and performance of emergency procedures on patients under difficult and unpredictable situations such as natural disasters, violent assaults or attacks.