Qualification awarded:
Duration: 5 years (10 semesters)
SNIES Code: 101696
Qualified registration: Resolution 4684, 7 of May 2012

managementThis program seeks to train integral professionals in business with the skills to assess and meet the needs of the different economic sectors, with responsibility and social sensitivity.

Full ethical professionals with a holistic approach of the management and understanding of the contest in which organizations operate. With excellent skills in planning, directing and controlling the management process in national and international organizations.

The program seeks to prepare students with investigative skills to ensure an observer, critical and analytical graduate with the ability to propose solutions and strategies that integrate the information systems, diagnosis and organizational evaluation with information and communication technologies.

Study Plan and Academic Areas:
The study plan is structured in these academic areas: basic sciences, administration and management, research, humanistic.

The specific study areas are described below:

Basic sciences: Provides the essential and basic foundation that a business manager needs so he\she can make quantitative and qualitative analysis and rely on models and tools proper to administration.

Administration and management: It is the leading and differentiating axis during the major and it comprises the following: Legal Sciences, Accounting, Social Security, Finance, Marketing, Economics and Management.

Research: Provides students with the principles and investigative methods and it aims to develop a critical consciousness, facilitate the access and rational use of scientific information, prepare for scientific research and educate so that the professional be critical and rational.

Humanistics: Seeks to educate citizens to be capable of understanding the social phenomena, the interactions among humans, and of humans with other living things and different surroundings.