Qualification warded: Pharmaceutical Chemist
Duration: 5 years (10 semesters)
SNIES Code: 102162
Qualified registration: Resolution 17156 of  27 December 2012

Pharmaceutical ChemistryThis program combines three disciplines: basic science, biomedical sciences and pharmaceutical sciences, which are combined through scientific research, biotechnology and innovation for the design and development of products and processes for the care and protection of human, animal and environmental health.

Study Plan and Academic Areas:
The study plan is structured in these academic areas: Basic and Biomedical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Technology, Knowledge Management, Humanities, Management, and Flexible.

The specific study areas are described below:


Basic and Biomedical Sciences: Provides students with qualitative and quantitative bases to develop processes applied in the areas of vocational training, with a high biomedical, biological and biotechnological content. Thematic approaches to chemistry, biology, mathematics, physics, morphophysiology, genetics, immunology, pharmacology and toxicology.

Pharmaceutical Technology: Involves the pharmaceutical technological components needed for the production and quality control of solid, liquid, sterile, medicines, natural, biological and biotechnological products, cosmetics, master preparations, functional foods, dietary supplements, and cleaning implements.

Knowledge Management: Comprises the process components and research projects applied to the design and formulation of medicines, cosmetics, natural, biological and biotechnological products, among others.

Humanities: facilitates an integral education of the student taking into account a diversity of courses and the extensive academic experience of the Department of Humanities at CES University.

Involves management components, pharmaceutical legislation and regulations, social security, accounting and finance, part of the curriculum of business management in order for the students to have some training in administration and management.

Flexible: Allows the students to deepen in one of two fields: Hospital or Clinical Pharmacy and pharmaceutical Biotechnology, which have become the best options for professional performance in Colombia and in the world.