Qualification warded: Biologist
Duration: 5 years (10 semesters)
SNIES Code: 20448
Qualified registration: Resolution 11247 2 December 2011

biologyThis program prepares professionals with solid scientific and ethical foundations, with responsibility and social sensitivity to respond to the demands of society; aware of the needs of their surroundings, the fomentation of scientific research and the creation of technology-based enterprises to have a national and international impact.

Study Plan and Academic Areas:
The Plan of Studies is structured in the following areas: Basic Sciences, Research, Social Sciences and Humanities and Entrepreneurship.

Basic Science courses constitute the basis for understanding physiological, cellular and molecular phenomena in live organisms. These courses offer the student analytical tools for the development of new diagnostic methods and alternative handling. Biotechnology offers the fundamentals for application of advanced technologies in the use of biological resources.

Humanistic and Entrepreneurship areas allow the student to acquire skills for the creation of companies and projects, thus contributing to employment generation.

Research: Allows students to acquire the ability to ask coherent and relevant questions on various scientific and technological issues, and propose solutions through systematized, creative and innovative actions, trying to go beyond the barriers of knowledge.