Qualification awarded: Physical therapist
Duration: 5 years (10 semesters)
SNIES Code: 54468
Qualified registration: Resolution 1146 of March 6, 2009

physical teraphyThe goal of the Physical Therapy Program is to prepare highly qualified, autonomous professionals with a good level of social commitment that can provide solutions related to health and body motion problems.


Study Plan and Academic Areas:
The Program consists of ten academic semesters with a dynamic, horizontal and flexible curriculum distributed in the following areas: Basic-Professional training, Research, Public health, entrepreneurship, and socio-humanistic sciences.
The approach of the program responds to the analysis of body motion and to the comprehension of the health needs of the population. The courses allow:
Biological Analysis of motion (Morpho-physiology, Embryology histoembriology, Biophysics, Biology)

Basic Motor Integration (Biomechanics, Motor and Physiological exercises)
Evaluation and diagnosis in physical therapy applied to the analysis of movement and its cardio respiratory, neuromuscular and skeletal-muscular alterations.

Physical Therapy interventions in different modalities as physical means, cardio respiratory therapy, manual techniques and neuromuscular facilitation techniques.

Internships in health related institutions, including institutions where Physical Therapy with infant, young, adult, and senior citizens patients is necessary.

Analysis of the health of our population and its health systems.

Consolidation of the social-humanistic formation (anthropology, political sciences, ethics, entrepreneur spirit).