Qualification awarded: Psychologist
Duration: 5 years (10 semesters)
SNIES Code: 12071
Qualified registration: Resolution 3884 10 July 2007
High quality accreditation: 10330 Resolution of 17 November 2011

PsychologyThis program seeks to prepare high quality professionals with ethical criteria in psychology, with strength in areas such as psychobiology, schools of thought, mental health and research. Professionals capable of facing different psychological problems through both intra and interdisciplinary approaches, with the ability to get involved in mental health programs being developed in several areas such as Health, education, social, community and institutional. 

Study Plan and Academic Areas:
The program consists of ten academic semesters focusing on areas of Clinical Psychology, Neurosciences, Psychosocial intervention, Research and Mental Health.

The psychobiological area
gives the student the morpho-physiological fundamentals of behavior and prepares a psychologist with special strength in Neurosciences.

The Mental Health Area
plays an important role in the curriculum, providing future professionals with the tools to develop social and community projects and programs.