Qualification awarded: Dentist
Duration: 5 years (10 semesters)
SNIS Code: 1814
Qualified registration: Resolution 2388 April 30, 2009
High quality accreditation: Resolution 4885 July 22, 2009

DentistryThe Faculty of dentistry trains professionals in two main areas:
Oral health care.
Development of personal awareness of their responsibility to the community.  

Study Plan and Academic Areas:
The curriculum is divided into three major areas that reflect three key elements in the performance of a student.

• Personal Development Area: Offers students a comprehensive view of the individual from a humanistic perspective in order to offer them a wider scope and critical view of science.

• Scientific-Technical Area: Provides the bases of scientific training, both general and of the profession.

• Clinical Practice Area: Integrates all the acquired knowledge with the practical aspect of the profession in order to make it possible for the students to develop the necessary clinical skills so that they can provide patients and community with integral care based on prevention.